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Friday, May 20, 2022

Workers Saved by St. George Firefighters’ Rope Rescue Skills

Firefighters perform rescues every day in many different situations. This incident shows while rescues like this may not happen every day, when they do, rope rescue skills are invaluable.

5/16/2022 – Lafayette, Louisiana Rope Rescue

Combining strength, skill, knowledge, and quick thinking, rope rescue is a dangerous task firefighters face. The art of rappelling and the selection of appropriate knots and anchors to ensure the safety of rescuers and their patients are skills that are vital to emergency responders.

st.georgeBoth_5.22Two construction workers were left hanging from their safety harnesses after the scaffolding holding the workers failed at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center. According to the Lafayette Fire Department, one person received major injuries, and another received minor injuries. 

Firefighters from the St. George Fire Department in Baton Rouge were covering Station 5 in Lafayette so their brother and sister firefighters could take the time to honor their fallen brother. Fortunately, the St. George Firefighters that were there happened to be trained in rope rescue – exactly what was needed to rescue the stranded workers.

Captain Neyland and Lieutenant Gateley brought them safely down to the ground where Captain Brown and Lieutenant Gonzales were ready to render patient care. While rescues like this may not happen every day, when they do, rope rescue skills are invaluable.st.george3_5.22









Photos courtesy of Lafayette Fire Department



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