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New Roco Lowrider™ Compact Rescue Tripod

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Manufactured exclusively for Roco Rescue by Skedco.

2 tripodsSleek, portable and mission-driven – the new Roco Lowrider™ Compact Rescue Tripod is made for low, tight spaces. Originally designed by Roco tactical instructors to meet the mission-critical requirements of elite DoD special operations teams, the Roco Lowrider™ Rescue Tripod brings cutting-edge technology and hard-earned lessons to the civilian rescue industry. 

With a minimum height of 38-inches and a maximum working height of 60.5-inches, the Roco Lowrider™ can be used to extract patients from low overhead spaces using minimal personnel. Designed to be man-packable,
the Lowrider™ weighs only 32 lbs. and features header, anchors and legs connected with stainless steel bolts for maximum strength and weather resistance. The proven Skedco head design allows up to three separate
connection points for multiple rigging options. The anchors are well-balanced to handle rescue loads and each is anodized red for easy identification.

With its light weight, compact size and breaking strength of more than 20,000 lbs., your team’s working efficiency will be dramatically increased – all while staying LOW.

Lowrider BW 24Key Features:

• Weight of 32 lbs., less than half the weight of a traditional tripod.

• Minimum height of 38-inches with a maximum working height of 60.5-inches. 

• Minimum breaking strength of more than 20,000 lbs. at full extension.

• Anchors are anodized red for easy identification.

• No traditional tripod chain – 8mm cordelette provides hobbling capability.

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Roco Rescue and VPPPA Strategic Partnership

Friday, February 2, 2024


VPPPA and Roco Rescue have entered into a strategic partnership agreement, marking a significant milestone for both organizations. Roco Rescue is the first to join VPPPA’s recently launched Strategic Partner Program.
“VPPPA is pleased to welcome Roco Rescue as the first of many VPPPA Strategic Partners,” stated Chris Williams, CAE, VPPPA Executive Director. “As a longtime VPPPA member and supporter through their involvement at VPPPA’s Safety+ and regional conferences—and, more importantly, as a VPP Star site—Roco Rescue embodies the commitment that VPPPA and its members share to advancing health and safety excellence. We look forward to working together as we expand our relationship and help VPPPA members raise the standard for workplace safety and health excellence.”
Strategic Partner Logo - SapphireWe are so excited to finally make this official with VPPPA. It is just another example of Roco Rescue's commitment to safety and health. Our partnership with such an incredible organization will help create safer and healthier workplaces for all.
Read full press release Here.



CMC Product Safety Notice For LEVR™ Escape System

Thursday, February 1, 2024



Please be advised that CMC has issued a Product Safety Notice and mandatory inspection for LEVR™ Escape Systems manufactured between January 1, 2023 and February 1, 2024. 

If you have LEVR Escape System(s) in your possession, please read the Product Safety Notice and follow the required steps described in this link.

If you need assistance with inspecting your gear, Roco Rescue will be happy to help, please call 800-647-7626.

Always remember to inspect your gear before each use. Stay safe!

Petzl Call For Inspection Of Certain GRILLON Products

Thursday, January 4, 2024



Petzl requests the inspection of certain GRILLON products following the detection of ropes mounted incorrectly in the rope adjuster of recently produced GRILLON products. In such a case, the product does not perform its blocking function, which can result in a risk of injury. Please immediately stop sales and use of GRILLON products manufactured between October and December 2023, and follow the inspection procedure described in this link.

If you need assistance with inspecting your gear, Roco Rescue will be happy to help, please call 800-647-7626.

Always remember to inspect your gear before each use. Stay safe!

New Roco Urban Rescue Harnesses

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Manufactured exclusively for Roco Rescue by CMC.

The new Roco Urban ATOM Rescue Harness is the perfect solution for the urban rescuer – designed for vertical and confined space rescue, or an occasional trip to the backcountry. Customized by Roco Rescue, this new full-body harness is based on the technologically advanced ATOM™ harness by CMC. It delivers on performance without compromising comfort and safety. 

harness_blog2 copyBuilt for long days on rope, the Roco Urban ATOM™ Rescue Harness offers full adjustability along with a modern ergonomic design. Dual-density padding with stitched rolled edges provides unparalleled comfort. Aluminum D-rings reduce overall weight, while small Cobra buckles at the chest and legs make for easy donning and doffing. Rigid gear loops and tool tethers provide unrivaled versatility. The high center of gravity gives rescuers a balanced ride.

The Roco Urban ATOM ASCENT Rescue Harness increases the rescuer’s vertical capabilities with the addition of a Climbing Technology chest ascender and chest ascender kit.

Key Features:

• Manufactured in the USA to North American Standards.

• UL Certified to relevant ANSI, CSA and NFPA standards as a Class III Life Safety Harness.

• Improved architecture molds to the user for a lightweight, low-profile fit.

• Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and support.

• Y-back construction and bridged front lift.

• Constructed with polyester webbing.

• Multiple accessory attachment points provide ample space for stowing and organizing hardware and tools.

• Gear loop over-braid is based on a 32-carrier polyester, rope sheath design that delivers a familiar texture and functional robustness.

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