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Roco Rescue Challenge - Full!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

UPDATE: Roco Rescue Challenge 2024 has reached full capacity for team participation, but Observers are still welcome. We have created a team waiting list, so please contact us if you are interested in registering your team or plan to come watch the action. Register now!

Rescue Challenge banner 2024 KG-1

Roco Rescue Challenge 2024 marks the 31st Anniversary of North America’s premier Rescue and Training event. Scheduled for October 16-17 at the Roco Training Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Roco Rescue Challenge is much more than a competition. At its core, it is a learning event where camaraderie, teamwork, and networking rule the day.



Rescue Challenge’s biggest success and value as a learning event is the immediate feedback the teams receive. Roco’s experienced training cadre provides debriefing following each scenario. Every team receives a detailed report describing their performance at Rescue Challenge and how they can improve. Teams often find that this report provides an excellent roadmap to focus their post-Rescue Challenge training regimen.

When the weather in South Louisiana turns to nice cool days, join us at the world-class Roco Training Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 16-17, 2024, for Rescue Challenge '24.

Space is limited, so enroll early to ensure your team's spot! We welcome all teams, regardless of experience level. Take part in this truly unique event: part learning, competition, and all CHALLENGE.

For more information about Rescue Challenge, click here. To save your spot and register, call (800-647-7626). Observers are welcome; registration is required.

Municipal fire departments looking to challenge their rescue teams should call the Roco office (800-647-7626) for savings on registration.

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1910.156 Fire Brigades Proposed Update!

Monday, March 18, 2024

On February 25, 2024, OSHA published a proposed update to the 1910.156 Fire Brigades Standard. OSHA is proposing through this notice of proposed rulemaking to issue a new safety and health standard, titled Emergency Response, to replace the existing 40-year-old Fire Brigades Standard. OSHA is requesting comments on all aspects of the proposed rule. The deadline to submit a comment is May 6, 2024. Those wishing to add a public comment to the proposed ruling may click here to be taken directly to the submission portal.


ChrisChris McGlynn 2024 McGlynn, CSP is a Certified Safety Professional and Nationally Registered Paramedic who serves as the Director of Safety and VPP Coordinator at Roco Rescue. He is also an active OSHA Special Government Employee within the Voluntary Protection Program and current President of the American Society of Safety Professionals Greater Baton Rouge Chapter. Chris also represents ASSP on the ANSI Z117 Confined Space and Z390 Hydrogen Sulfide Training Standard Development Committees.

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New Roco Lowrider™ Compact Rescue Tripod

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Manufactured exclusively for Roco Rescue by Skedco.

2 tripodsSleek, portable and mission-driven – the new Roco Lowrider™ Compact Rescue Tripod is made for low, tight spaces. Originally designed by Roco tactical instructors to meet the mission-critical requirements of elite DoD special operations teams, the Roco Lowrider™ Rescue Tripod brings cutting-edge technology and hard-earned lessons to the civilian rescue industry. 

With a minimum height of 38-inches and a maximum working height of 60.5-inches, the Roco Lowrider™ can be used to extract patients from low overhead spaces using minimal personnel. Designed to be man-packable,
the Lowrider™ weighs only 32 lbs. and features header, anchors and legs connected with stainless steel bolts for maximum strength and weather resistance. The proven Skedco head design allows up to three separate
connection points for multiple rigging options. The anchors are well-balanced to handle rescue loads and each is anodized red for easy identification.

With its light weight, compact size and breaking strength of more than 20,000 lbs., your team’s working efficiency will be dramatically increased – all while staying LOW.

Lowrider BW 24Key Features:

• Weight of 32 lbs., less than half the weight of a traditional tripod.

• Minimum height of 38-inches with a maximum working height of 60.5-inches. 

• Minimum breaking strength of more than 20,000 lbs. at full extension.

• Anchors are anodized red for easy identification.

• No traditional tripod chain – 8mm cordelette provides hobbling capability.

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Rescue Knot Efficiencies

Friday, February 9, 2024

knot14Prompted by increasing inquiries regarding the durability and attributes of 11 mm NFPA General Use Rope, our friends at CMC (Instructors LeRoy Harbach and John McKently) embarked on a sequence of experiments within the CMC lab. Their investigation into knot effectiveness encompassed 487 trials across various rope varieties, uncovering valuable insights into the influence of diameter, composition, and materials on knot performance. Additionally, they broadened the focus of their research to assess the viability of smaller diameter ropes suggested for rescue operations, leading to the formulation of guidelines for estimating knot efficiency relative to rope diameter.

Click HERE to read the full case study.

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Roco Rescue and VPPPA Strategic Partnership

Friday, February 2, 2024


VPPPA and Roco Rescue have entered into a strategic partnership agreement, marking a significant milestone for both organizations. Roco Rescue is the first to join VPPPA’s recently launched Strategic Partner Program.
“VPPPA is pleased to welcome Roco Rescue as the first of many VPPPA Strategic Partners,” stated Chris Williams, CAE, VPPPA Executive Director. “As a longtime VPPPA member and supporter through their involvement at VPPPA’s Safety+ and regional conferences—and, more importantly, as a VPP Star site—Roco Rescue embodies the commitment that VPPPA and its members share to advancing health and safety excellence. We look forward to working together as we expand our relationship and help VPPPA members raise the standard for workplace safety and health excellence.”
Strategic Partner Logo - SapphireWe are so excited to finally make this official with VPPPA. It is just another example of Roco Rescue's commitment to safety and health. Our partnership with such an incredible organization will help create safer and healthier workplaces for all.
Read full press release Here.



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