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Monday, March 18, 2024

1910.156 Fire Brigades Proposed Update!

On February 25, 2024, OSHA published a proposed update to the 1910.156 Fire Brigades Standard. OSHA is proposing through this notice of proposed rulemaking to issue a new safety and health standard, titled Emergency Response, to replace the existing 40-year-old Fire Brigades Standard. OSHA is requesting comments on all aspects of the proposed rule. The deadline to submit a comment is May 6, 2024. Those wishing to add a public comment to the proposed ruling may click here to be taken directly to the submission portal.


ChrisChris McGlynn 2024 McGlynn, CSP is a Certified Safety Professional and Nationally Registered Paramedic who serves as the Director of Safety and VPP Coordinator at Roco Rescue. He is also an active OSHA Special Government Employee within the Voluntary Protection Program and current President of the American Society of Safety Professionals Greater Baton Rouge Chapter. Chris also represents ASSP on the ANSI Z117 Confined Space and Z390 Hydrogen Sulfide Training Standard Development Committees.

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